Since 2008, Eric has been a professionally trained mediator certified with the State of Georgia.  Over the course of his thirty plus year legal career, Eric has prided himself as being a fair, diligent and informed advocate.  He continues a tradition of exceptional service and will be fair and honest in dealings with you and your clients bringing an equitable resolution to your litigated matters prior to the expense and uncertainty of trial.

The services that are provided at Morrow Mediation are offered at hourly rates competitive with other services in the metro-Atlanta area.  However, we do not charge an administration fee, a travel fee or a minimum hourly fee as most other mediation firms have built into their pricing.  As such, you will save hundreds of dollars per mediation which will be a significant savings over the course of a year.  Morrow Mediation services are offered at a flat rate of $200.00 per hour per party.

You will receive the highest level of service at Morrow Mediation.  Please e-mail us for additional information about our service.  Alternatively, please contact us directly at 404-766-5330 to schedule your mediation.